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Manufacturers and Exporters of Polyurethane Wated Steel Wire Screens

Non-blinding screens, also known as self-cleaning screens or harp screens / piano wire, are formed by longitudinal wires, kept at the right distance by means of a connecting weft. They are based on the principle of the spring back of the single wires and on the property of a stretched wire to be put in oscillation with its own frequency.

The longitudinal wires of our piano wire screens / non-blinding screens can be straight or waved, with waves on the same plane of the screening surface, leading to opening approximately square for an exact calibration of grains. The bindings can be made of polyurethane or, where screens work at high temperature, made of weaved wires.



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We proudly inform you that our Company is a ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company with accreditation from M / S. TUV, Germany. With the experience we have gained over the years in designing and supplying CAST URETHANE COMPONENTS to various Clients in different industrial Sector, we propose to offer a complete trouble free solution for your critical application.

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